Bride and groom on ivy-covered manor staircase.

Award-Winning Moments from Brooklynn and Aaron’s Carlton Towers Wedding

I’m delighted to receive awards for two of my images this month. Both were captured at Brooklynn and Aaron’s enchanting wedding at Carlton Towers last year. This recognition means a lot to me, especially since one of their wedding photos earned me an award last month.

The first award-winning image captures a moment on the grand steps leading to the main entrance of Carlton Towers. One of my most requested images when photographing at Carlton Towers, couples often ask me for the ‘steps picture. Brooklynn’s elegant dress cascading down the steps adds a dramatic flair to the photograph, encapsulating the grandeur of their day.

The second image, equally poignant, was taken just after their ceremony. As they made their way down the aisle, they paused for a tender moment together, surrounded by the warmth of their guests’ admiration. This moment reflects their genuine emotion and love, offering a glimpse into the beginning of their journey as a married couple.

Couple about to kiss at elegant wedding ceremony inside Carlton Towers.

Brooklynn and Aaron’s wedding at Carlton Towers provided a perfect backdrop for such timeless images. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to participate in their special day.


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