Couple about to kiss at elegant wedding ceremony inside Carlton Towers.

A Transatlantic Love Affair…

As a wedding photographer based in the beautiful East Riding of Yorkshire, I’ve had the privilege of capturing countless memorable moments. However, some weddings are so unique and heartwarming that they leave a lasting impression on me. Brooklynn and Aaron’s wedding was one such event. This charming couple from Colorado, US, chose the magnificent Carlton Towers for their wedding, bringing a slice of American cheer to the British countryside.

Elegant wedding couple posing with lanterns inside Carlton Towers.

I am delighted that this image has won an award with The Guild of Photographers.

The BEST photographer in the business. During the wedding, the most important thing to me was getting photos that captured each intimate moment and froze them in time for me to revisit every year and feel the same things I felt on my wedding day. Dale captured everything beautifully and was incredible to work with. He is so artistic and created fabulous images! We are so thankful to have found him!

Brooklynn & Aaron

Brooklynn, a professional dancer and cheerleader for the Denver Nuggets, and Aaron, her dashing groom, decided on this historic venue to tie the knot. They were surrounded by family and friends who had travelled all the way from the States. Their choice reflected their taste for the exquisite and their desire to make their wedding an unforgettable adventure for their loved ones.

The day itself was quintessentially British, with overcast skies and intermittent showers adding to the dramatic backdrop of Carlton Towers. Yet, this did not dampen spirits; if anything, it added a magical touch to the proceedings. The weather played along beautifully with its typical unpredictability, granting us a brief respite for some outdoor photography. These moments, captured against the imposing grandeur of Carlton Towers, are some of my favourite shots from the day – showcasing the love and excitement that Brooklynn and Aaron share.

Despite the weather, or perhaps because of it, the warmth and joy of everyone present shone through. The guests, having journeyed from across the Atlantic, were treated to a day of celebration, love, and unity. It was a testament to the bonds that Brooklynn and Aaron share with their friends and family, highlighting the lengths their loved ones would go to witness their union.

Couple kissing on Carlton Towers steps with ivy.

Brooklynn, radiant in her wedding dress, moved with the grace of the professional dancer she is, captivating all who watched her. Aaron, for his part, looked every bit the proud groom, his eyes seldom straying from his bride. Their connection was palpable, a beautiful dance of looks and touches that spoke volumes of their love.

As the day progressed, the weather became a mere footnote to the joy and celebration that filled Carlton Towers. The laughter, the tears of happiness, and the sheer beauty of the setting made for a truly enchanting wedding. As I moved among the guests, capturing these fleeting moments, I was again reminded of why I love my job.

Brooklynn and Aaron’s wedding was more than just a joining of two hearts; it was a celebration of resilience, love transcending borders, and beauty that can be found even on a rainy day in Yorkshire. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the newlyweds and best wishes for a future filled with love, happiness, and countless adventures together.

As I look back on the photographs of that day, I am filled with pride at having been a part of such a momentous occasion. Brooklynn and Aaron’s wedding was a beautiful reminder of the power of love and the joy it brings to the couple and everyone around them. Here’s to many more years of happiness for the lovely couple!

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