Twilight Wedding Photography

Twilight image of bride and groom outside Aldwark Manor.

What is Twilight Wedding Photography?

Twilight is a special time of day just after sunset before the sky turns totally black. This is known as the blue hour; there is still a little colour in the sky but it’s a very deep, dark blue. When a wedding photographer talks about twilight, we are generally meaning anytime from sunset onwards, throughout the blue hour, and into total blackness. A series of pictures taken during these times will give you some truly magical wedding day memories.

This time of day offers a fantastic creative opportunity for an experienced wedding photographer. Together, we can produce some beautiful imagery.

I have been capturing nighttime wedding photographs for my clients for many years. They are a great way to produce some special memories of your wedding day. They look fantastic in wedding albums or as artwork on the walls of your home. I have won several awards for my twilight wedding photography.

Bride and groom with white umbrella at night, at The York Pavilion Hotel.

Sunset Wedding Photography

Sunset is another magical time just before the night begins; the sky has a warm colour pallet with a lot of reds, oranges and pinks. It’s a beautiful time for a wedding couple to have some photographs taken; a sunset wedding photograph always looks wonderful.

We may have a very small window of opportunity to capture these magical moments, sunsets can be over in a matter of minutes.

Award winning image of a bride and groom in silhouette against a sunset.

Your Wedding Venue will look Spectacular

No matter where you have booked to get married, your wedding venue will look amazing at night and will offer the perfect backdrop for some nighttime photography. After the first dance is a great time to venture outside for some impromptu pictures and make the most of the darkness.

The wedding venues’ grounds can also offer various locations for us to use, producing spectacular results. This is a fantastic time for bride and groom portraits; I use multiple flashguns to provide my unique, signature style of photography.

Wedding Fireworks

If you are having a firework display, then this is a perfect opportunity to provide some stunning pictures. A wedding couple, holding each other while watching the fireworks display makes very romantic wedding photography.

Bride and groom watching fireworks.

Wedding Sparklers

Get the whole wedding party involved in a sparkler picture for a fun shot that will go down well with your wedding guests. As an alternative, just the bride and groom, or just the bridal party can make a great picture.

Please bear in mind that the sparklers come out in the evening when your guests may have had a few drinks. I will always ask the venue to provide some buckets of water for the used sparklers. Better safe than sorry!

Bride and groom making a heart shape with sparklers, at Whitley Hall.

Bad Weather Photographs

The rain can give even more creative effects and look truly stunning with the right lighting. Don’t worry, I would only go outside to take wet weather twilight wedding photography when there is a little bit of rain, and I will be quick!

You will not get soaked, I always bring an umbrella with me to every wedding. Even if it is not raining, the ‘brolly shot’ has become one of my most requested twilight wedding photography images.