Drone Wedding Photography

Bride and groom laying down on a bridge, holding hands. Taken from above with a drone at Waterton Park Hotel.

A Birds-Eye-View

I am sure you can imagine that photographs from a drone are unlike any other wedding image. They give you some great camera angles that will be unforgettable, as well as give you and your guests a sense of the beauty and scale of the grounds you’re celebrating on.

These aerial pictures will help set the tone of your wedding photographs from the very beginning and create a sense of awe that will instantly transport your memories of this very special moment in time.

What is Drone Wedding Photography?

A drone is a remote-controlled aerial vehicle that I use for wedding photography. It allows me to get pictures from angles and locations that would not be possible without them, or at least very difficult. They are able to capture images from incredible heights and give the photo a sense of grandeur, allowing you to explore new angles and ideas that would not be possible without them.

Drones are especially popular among brides who want breathtaking aerial shots that would otherwise be unattainable. While drones can also give terrific ground-level footage, the big benefit is being able to get all of the incredible aerial photographs you need to really craft a show-stopping wedding album.

Aerial photography will add drama and creativity to those all-important wedding day moments, from unique angles and perspectives. I am a fully qualified and licensed drone pilot. This means that I can provide these special wedding photographs for my clients.

It’s not all about being high in the sky

Drones can produce some stunning imagery from above, but they also offer a way to take pictures from otherwise inaccessible locations lower to the ground. That means that together, we can take some beautiful wedding photographs from angles that would simply not be possible without a drone. Flying the drone over a lake, for example, will give an original perspective of the landscape.

Something New

Drone wedding photography is a relatively new way of capturing those big day memories. Couples love the idea of these exciting new camera angles and having some unique pictures to show off to their wedding guests.

Using a drone for wedding photography offers the opportunity to take pictures that will be unique. The drone can get into positions that would otherwise not be possible, which means you get pictures that are truly original.

Requirements for Drone Wedding Photography

It is worth noting that in order to use a drone to take stunning aerial wedding photography, I require the following things:

  • A suitable location, respecting all local jurisdiction restrictions; airports, power stations etc.
  • Good weather, drones do not cope well with high winds or rain. I will always check the weather conditions prior to capturing any aerial footage.
  • Permission from your wedding venue. In my experience, most wedding venues are drone friendly.
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People Also Ask

How much does drone wedding photography cost?

Good news, drone photography is included with Package 3! It can be added to other packages for an extra £100.

Are you a licensed and insured drone pilot?

Yes! I am fully qualified and insured. I hold a valid drone licence which enables me to fly on location at weddings and events.

How much time does drone wedding photography take?

Not long at all. I can have the drone up and flying in seconds, so you will not be waiting around. Once you are in position, the picture is taken and we can move on, having captured the perfect aerial shot.

How many drone wedding photographs will we get?

Drone photography is a wonderful way to compliment your wedding photographs. As such, a small amount of really beautiful and unique drone pictures will be supplied for you.

What if we have bad weather?

Unfortunately, drones do not fare well in high winds and rain. I will assess the weather along with my other pre-flight checks.

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