Bride in elegant wedding dress, monochrome photo.

A Triumphant Return: Capturing Timeless Elegance

Hey everyone!

After a brief hiatus from the competition scene, I’m back and thrilled to share some fantastic news. I’ve come back with not one, not two, but three award-winning images! It feels great to dive back into the fray, and it’s even better to do so with such a bang.

First, let’s talk about Georgina, a stunning bride whose wedding at The Principal in York was a sight to behold. I captured her standing alone, the picture framed so that the window she was near wasn’t visible, but oh, the natural light it provided! It bathed her in this soft, ethereal glow, highlighting her features and the intricate details of her dress. This picture, taken in glorious monochrome, adds a layer of timeless elegance, making it more than just a photograph; it’s a piece of art capturing a moment of serene beauty.

Not to be outdone, Andrew, Georgina’s dashing groom, was photographed in the same location. Again, I chose monochrome for his portrait to match the timeless theme. The natural light worked its magic, casting shadows that accentuated his features, creating a deep, contemplative mood. Together, their portraits stand as a testament to the beauty and depth that can be achieved with thoughtful lighting and the timeless appeal of black and white photography.

Last but not least, Shirley, whose wedding took place at the lovely Wentbridge Hotel in Pontefract, also graces the list of award-winners. Like the first two images, Shirley’s photograph was taken using natural light from a nearby window. The light enveloped her in a soft glow, highlighting her anticipation and excitement before the ceremony. The natural light crafts an intimate and universally appealing image, capturing a moment of quiet before the joyful celebration.

While unique in their subjects, these three images share common threads; natural lighting, timeless elegance, and a moment of introspection. They represent not just the beauty of the individuals but the universal emotions tied to such significant moments in life.

I’m thrilled these images were recognized in the Guild’s monthly competition. I’m grateful to Georgina, Andrew, and Shirley for allowing me to be a part of their special days and capture these moments. It’s a reminder of the power of photography to freeze time, to capture the essence of a moment that, while fleeting, can now last forever.

This return to competition has been incredibly rewarding. I’m inspired to continue exploring the beauty of natural light and monochrome photography in capturing the moments that make weddings so special.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and encouragement. Here’s to more beautiful moments captured and cherished!

Until next time, keep finding the light in everything.


Top 10 International Wedding Photographer of the Year

Based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Dale Turner has been photographing weddings for over 15 years. In that time he has photographed hundreds of weddings and won several awards for his work.

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