Couple wedding photo at dusk, Carlton Towers is in the background.

A Fairytale Wedding at Selby Abbey and Carlton Towers: Amy and James’ Big Day

I had the immense pleasure of capturing one of the most enchanting weddings this season, that of Amy and James. Their special day was set against the backdrop of two of Yorkshire’s most splendid venues: the historic Selby Abbey for their ceremony, followed by a reception at the majestic Carlton Towers. As a recommended wedding photographer for Carlton Towers, I feel privileged to have been part of their beautiful journey.

You can also view some award-winning wedding images from Amy and James’s big day.

The morning began in one of the quaint cottages nestled behind Carlton Towers, where Amy and her bridesmaids shared laughter and anticipation. The air was filled with excitement, a perfect start to the day. Then, it was time to head to Selby Abbey for the ceremony. The grandeur of Selby Abbey never ceases to amaze me. Its towering presence and stunning architecture provided a breathtaking setting for Amy and James to exchange their vows. Walking into the Abbey, you are immediately struck by its historical beauty and the sense of time standing still, making it a profound location to begin a lifetime together.

Following the ceremony, we returned to Carlton Towers for the reception. The weather was on our side, blessing us with sunshine that made the day even more perfect. Carlton Towers, with its opulent interiors and picturesque landscapes, is a venue that holds a special place in my heart. Its elegance and charm never fail to inspire me, and it was the perfect setting for Amy and James’ celebration.

Despite the glorious weather, which was ideal for outdoor photography, the allure of Carlton Towers’ interior was too compelling to overlook. We captured some stunning portraits of the bride and groom inside, taking advantage of the natural light that filtered through the windows, adding an ethereal quality to their photos.

Adding to the day’s magic, I took some drone images of the couple, offering a unique perspective on the splendid scenery and the joyous occasion. The view from above was a testament to the beauty of the setting and the love shared between Amy and James.

After the first dance, as the evening settled in, we concluded with twilight photography, capturing Amy & James with the soft, ambient glow of the evening light enveloping them. With its gentle hues and calming atmosphere, this magical time of day provided a stunning backdrop for some truly intimate and romantic portraits. Standing together amidst the serene beauty of the twilight, Amy and James shared tender moments that were a joy to capture. These images are some of my favourites from the day; filled with warmth and romance and were the perfect end to a perfect day.

Amy and James’ wedding was a beautiful blend of history, elegance, and joy. I am grateful to have been part of their day and to capture memories that will last a lifetime. As a recommended photographer for Carlton Towers, working in such exquisite settings is always an honour. Still, the happiness and love of the couples I photograph make each wedding unique and unforgettable.

Congratulations, Amy and James, on your beautiful beginning. May your journey together be as stunning and filled with love as your wedding day.

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