Couple posing in historic garden archway at wedding.

A Moment in Time: Capturing Love at Chateau Sentout

My photograph of Melissa and Darren, taken in the stunning setting of Chateau Sentout, Bordeaux, France, has been awarded a Bronze Award by the Guild of Photographers.

The photograph depicts Melissa and Darren within the historic garden archways of Chateau Sentout. We captured this moment as we wandered the grounds for some portraits of the couple set against the backdrop of the chateau’s timeless elegance. The archways, with their intricate details and the creeping rose bush, provided the perfect frame for this beautiful couple.

Winning a Bronze Award from such a prestigious body as the Guild of Photographers is incredible. The Guild is renowned for its commitment to the art and science of photography, and to be recognized by them is a significant honour. It validates the passion and hard work I put into my photography and encourages me to continue pushing the boundaries of what I can achieve.

Travelling abroad to capture such moments is an aspect of my job that I find immensely rewarding. There’s something magical about being in a new place, especially one as enchanting as Bordeaux, and being able to do what I love. It adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge to my work, and I’m profoundly grateful for this experience.

I extend my deepest thanks to Melissa and Darren for allowing me to be a part of their special day and to the Guild of Photographers for this incredible honour. I’m inspired to continue exploring, learning, and capturing the beauty of my couples’ love stories.

As I move forward, I carry with me the lessons learned from each shoot, the joy of each couple I photograph, and the unwavering belief in the magic of photography. Here’s to more adventures, more moments of beauty, and more opportunities to capture the essence of love around the world.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.


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Based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Dale Turner has been photographing weddings for over 15 years. In that time he has photographed hundreds of weddings and won several awards for his work.

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