Award winning image of a bubble that has golden swirls.

Macro (Close up) Photography

So far I have managed to keep up with my New Years resolution of entering photography competitions. I am really happy with this months results, I entered three photographs in total and all of them won an award!

All three were taken with my new macro lens which I bought a few weeks ago. I’ve never really got into macro photography before, but the current lockdown situation has provided me with some spare time to learn new techniques. I really enjoyed capturing these close up photographs, it opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Award winning image of a wasp that has landed on some leaves.

It’s quite a shock when you look through the viewfinder to see the amazing details of insects. The wasp, pictured above, was a real eye opener. I never realised just how hairy they were! I’ll be on the look out for more mini-beasts to photograph in the coming weeks, now that the weather is getting warmer the garden should be full of them.

Award winning image of a bubble with multicoloured swirls.
Award winning image of a bubble that has golden swirls.

The close up bubbles were quite tricky to get right, the lighting conditions had to be very precise and it took some trial and error to get the results I was after. What amazed me about the macro bubbles was how every picture was so different from the last. The colourful swirls and patterns changed so quickly from one shot to the next that by the time I’d finished I had dozens of pictures and it was difficult to choose which to enter into the competition.

A huge thank you to the judges at the Guild of Photographers who spend hours of their time every month viewing hundreds of pictures and scoring them. The monthly competition is one of the great features of being a Guild member.


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