Wedding couple outside Allerton Castle under dramatic clouds.

A Perfect Storm: My Fifth ‘Image of the Day’

I’m thrilled to share some news – another one of my photographs has been selected as ‘Image of the Day’ by The Guild of Photographers! This marks the fifth time my work has received this fantastic accolade, and each time feels just as exhilarating as the first.

This particular image holds a special place in my heart, captured at the beautiful wedding of Lauren and Alex earlier this year. It also scooped up an award back in July, making this recognition even sweeter. The photograph features the stunning couple with the majestic Allerton Castle in the background, under an impressive canopy of substantial storm clouds gathering above. It’s a dramatic, almost cinematic scene that beautifully encapsulates the intensity and beauty of their wedding day.

The contrast of Lauren and Alex’s serene and joyful expressions against the brooding, dramatic sky creates a powerful and memorable image. It’s as if the storm clouds themselves came to witness and add drama to their special day, highlighting the couple’s moment in a way that only nature can. With its grandeur and history, Allerton Castle adds an extra layer of elegance to the scene, making this image one I knew was special from the moment I captured it.

Once again, being recognized by The Guild of Photographers is truly an honour. It’s a testament to the beauty of capturing moments that tell a story, not just of the couple but of the day itself, with all its unique moods and surprises. This photograph reminds me why I love wedding photography – there’s an undeniable magic in immortalizing moments of love against the backdrop of our incredible world.

A huge thank you goes out to Lauren and Alex for allowing me to be a part of their fantastic day and for being such wonderful subjects against a spectacular backdrop. Of course, my heartfelt gratitude goes out to The Guild of Photographers for this recognition and for continuing to support and celebrate photographers and their work.

As I reflect on this latest achievement, I’m reminded of the journey, the moments captured, and the stories told through my lens. I’m grateful for this journey every day, filled with love, nature’s artwork, and the joy of capturing it all.

Until next time, keep finding the beauty in every storm and the love in every moment.


Top 10 International Wedding Photographer of the Year

Based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Dale Turner has been photographing weddings for over 15 years. In that time he has photographed hundreds of weddings and won several awards for his work.

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