Close-up of a wasp on green leaves.

Buzzing with Excitement: Celebrating My ‘Image of the Day’ Selection

Another one of my photographs has been selected as ‘Image of the Day’ by The Guild of Photographers! This is especially thrilling as it marks the second time one of my images has received this honour, and it’s not even one of my wedding photographs!

This time, the spotlight is on a macro image of a wasp – a departure from my usual subjects but a passion project of mine. This particular photograph won a Bronze award back in March, and I’m over the moon to see it getting more recognition. Macro photography is a world apart from wedding photography, offering a glimpse into nature’s intricate details and beauty that we often overlook.

Capturing this wasp wasn’t just about getting up close and personal with nature; it was about patience, precision, and a bit of daring. Macro photography has its challenges, from achieving the perfect focus to maintaining a steady hand while you’re inches away from a wasp! But it’s these challenges that make the result so rewarding. This tiny creature’s detail, texture, and almost alien beauty are mesmerising, and I’m thrilled that others find it as fascinating as I do.

This recognition from The Guild of Photographers is not just an honour; it’s a reminder of the diversity and depth photography offers, allowing us to capture and share the world’s beauty in its many forms. Whether it’s the emotional depth of a wedding day or the intricate details of a wasp, photography can tell stories, evoke emotions, and celebrate the beauty around us.

I’m so grateful for the support and recognition from The Guild and, of course, all of you who follow my work and share these exciting moments with me. This selection has inspired me to continue exploring photography’s vast and varied world, always looking for that next captivating subject or breathtaking moment to capture.

Here’s to more adventures behind the lens, exploring the grand moments and the minute details of the world around us.

Until next time, keep appreciating the little things and the big moments in life.


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Based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Dale Turner has been photographing weddings for over 15 years. In that time he has photographed hundreds of weddings and won several awards for his work.

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