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The Guild of Photographers Competition

The Guild of Photographers monthly image competition is one of the most prestigious events in the field of photography. It is renowned in the United Kingdom and internationally, gathering the crème de la crème of photographers from around the globe. Being a Qualified member of The Guild of Photographers is a mark of quality. Still, the competition, held over ten months of the year, truly distinguishes the finest practitioners in the industry. Each month, participants submit their best images, meticulously scrutinised and scored by a panel of esteemed judges. This ongoing competition pushes photographers to consistently deliver top-notch work, raising the bar for excellence in the industry. The accumulated scores at the end of the year reveal the top ten photographers, an accolade that symbolises an exceptional level of craft, creativity, and consistency. As such, to be recognised in this competition is a significant achievement that attests to the photographer’s talent, dedication, and artistic prowess.

The Selection Process

Throughout the months of competition, I meticulously selected and submitted various images that showcased my technical skills as a photographer and embodied my unique artistic perspective. My submissions were a vibrant mix of candid shots and meticulously planned compositions, each capturing the distinctive emotions and intimate moments of the weddings I had the privilege to document. One of my favourite images was a black-and-white shot, elegantly capturing a couple’s first dance – their silhouettes contrasting against the backdrop of twinkling fairy lights, evoking a profound sense of romance and connection. Each image submitted resonated with a specific narrative, amplifying the story of love and commitment that lies at the heart of every wedding.

How it Felt to Win

Upon seeing my name listed amongst the year’s top 10 best wedding photographers, I felt exhilaration and disbelief. I remember the moment vividly, staring at the screen, my heart pounding against my chest as I reread the announcement multiple times to ensure it wasn’t a mistake. The feeling was indescribable – a fusion of intense pride, overwhelming joy, and a profound sense of accomplishment. I’d worked relentlessly, poured my heart and soul into each image, and to see this recognised at such a distinguished level was truly gratifying. There was also a profound sense of relief. All those months of anticipation, the meticulous selection of images, and the bouts of self-doubt culminated in this glorious moment of validation. My eyes welled up as I shared the news with my loved ones, their pride and happiness mirroring my own, adding warmth to this landmark moment in my career.

Get Involved

One piece of advice I would enthusiastically offer to any aspiring wedding photographer is to actively seek opportunities for growth and learning, and one of the most effective ways to do this is through participation in competitions. Engaging in contests like The Guild of Photographers monthly image competition offers many benefits beyond the obvious goal of winning. It grants you a platform to showcase your work, obtain constructive criticism from seasoned professionals, and discover diverse perspectives through the lens of other competitors. Moreover, the process of selecting and submitting your best work forces you to scrutinise your images with a critical eye, helping to identify areas of strength and improvement. Photography is a continuous learning journey, a never-ending process of refining your craft. Every image captured, all the feedback received, and every new technique learned contribute to your growth as a photographer. So, embrace the challenge, immerse yourself in the learning experience, and let competitions be a springboard for your professional development.


Reflecting upon my journey through this competition and the honour of being named in the top 10, I am filled with profound gratitude and exhilaration. I cannot express enough my appreciation to the judges at The Guild of Photographers for this recognition and the platform they provide to photographers like me to challenge themselves, grow, and gain invaluable exposure. I’m incredibly excited about this accomplishment, as it has affirmed my artistic capabilities and invigorated my passion for capturing the intimate and precious moments of life. Seeing my dedication and hard work being recognised on such a prestigious stage fills me with immense pride. Yet, this is not merely a personal victory. It is an achievement shared with the wonderful couples who entrusted me to document their special day and the supportive network of family, friends, and mentors who have encouraged and inspired me along my photographic journey. My heart is filled with gratitude, and I look forward to the future with renewed zest and anticipation.

My Winning Images

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