Bride and groom under an umbrella in the rain at night with fairy lights in the trees, at The Parsonage.

Embracing the Elements: Jess & Matt’s Wind-Swept Wedding Day, A Tale of Love, Laughter, and Unforgettable Moments at Wistow Village Church and The Parsonage

In the heart of a day marked by the whims of the weather, Jess and Matt tied the knot in a ceremony that was nothing short of magical. The venue for their vows, Wistow Village All Saints Church, stood as a testament to timeless elegance, a perfect match for the love and devotion shared between the couple. As a wedding photographer, capturing these moments of pure joy and celebration is at the core of what I do, and this day was no exception.

Bride and groom with veil in garden wedding.

Dale was amazing! He really helped to make our day so special. Fantastic communication leading up to the day and he helped us to run through everything seamlessly. He took control when he needed to get us organised but knew exactly when to step back and let the moments flow. I love our pictures and the special moments he captured so beautifully. I recommend requesting the umbrella shot it is amazing! Thank you Dale!

Jess & Matt

However, it wasn’t just the warmth of love that filled the air; a notably strong wind also characterised the day. The gusts were so powerful at times that some female guests had their fascinators whisked away, adding an unexpected twist to the celebration. Despite these challenges, the spirits remained high, and the wind became another character in the story of Jess and Matt’s wedding day.

Couple looking at each other and smiling on red carpet outside The Parsonage.

Following the ceremony, we moved to The Parsonage in Escrick for the reception. Here, the wind decided to calm, almost as if nature itself was acknowledging the importance of the moments we were about to capture. This break in the weather allowed me to use my drone for a group photo of all the wedding guests. The drone’s perspective provided a unique and memorable way to capture the scale and joy of the occasion, showcasing everyone who came to celebrate Jess and Matt’s union.

As the evening drew in, so did the clouds, bringing gentle rain with them. Far from dampening the spirits, the rain gave us a fantastic opportunity to be creative. Armed with a brolly and some off-camera flash, we ventured into the dark. We used the venue’s fairy lights against the darkening sky to create some stunningly atmospheric twilight photographs. The ambient lighting and the gentle rain created a romantic and almost ethereal setting, perfect for capturing the essence of Jess and Matt’s special day.

Reflecting on the day, these unexpected elements – the wind, the lost fascinators, and the evening rain – often make a wedding memorable. They remind us that beauty can be found in the unplanned and the spontaneous. Jess and Matt’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of love, not just between the couple but among all who were present. It was a privilege to document their day and create images they will cherish forever. The joy, the laughter, and even the wind and rain all contributed to the tapestry of memories that made their wedding uniquely theirs.

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