Couple posing in the doorway of St. Helen's church, Stillingfleet, after the wedding.

A Rainy Day Romance: Sophie and Will’s Wedding at St. Helen’s Church & The York Pavilion

As a wedding photographer often working in North Yorkshire, I’ve encountered my fair share of unpredictable British weather. Despite the challenges it can bring, there’s something truly romantic about a rainy wedding day, which perfectly encapsulates Sophie and Will’s love story.

Couple with umbrella by English church on wedding day.

Where to even start?! Dale is just on another level. THE best photographer going! If anyone is looking for a photographer, I really can’t recommend Dale enough. Before the big day, Dale was so thorough about what we wanted capturing. He even visited the church as to where he could capture the best shots. He was also really quick to respond to any emails! The big day came and the weather, was being very British, so we had to think about where we could get the shots we wanted. Dale was quick thinking, and captured not only the images we wanted, but he got every little detail that told our wedding day. We received our wedding pictures yesterday and we could not be happier. Thank you so much Dale. Not only are we impressed by you, but everyone on the day commented on how thorough you were and how amazing the pictures are. Thank you thank you!

Sophie & Will

Their special day began at St. Helen’s Church in Stillingfleet, a beautiful setting with timeless charm. Unfortunately, the weather decided not to cooperate, and we were greeted with constant rain that showed no signs of letting up. However, rain on a wedding day is often considered good luck, symbolising renewal, cleansing, and a strong marriage. Embracing this, we moved forward with optimism and a few umbrellas.

One of the most magical aspects of being a wedding photographer is the ability to capture love in all conditions, and Sophie and Will’s wedding was no exception. Despite the wet weather, we managed to create some beautiful outdoor photographs. I always come prepared for bad weather, knowing these moments can offer unique opportunities for stunning atmospheric shots. The rain added a romantic, soft backdrop to our photos, enhancing the emotional and intimate moments of the day.

Following the ceremony, the reception was held at The York Pavilion, a venue known for its charming and elegant spaces. Luckily, the Pavilion’s courtyard offers plenty of shelter, allowing us to use this lovely space for photographs. The courtyard’s architecture provided a beautiful backdrop for capturing the newlyweds and their guests.

Sophie and Will were incredibly gracious and adventurous, willing to step outside and embrace the elements for their photographs. Their smiles and laughter lit up the gloomy day, proving that love shines brightest against the darkest skies. The rain brought everyone closer together, physically and emotionally, adding to the warmth and joy of the celebration. They even braved the elements after dark so we could capture some twilight wedding photography.

As we navigated the day, I was reminded of the importance of flexibility and creativity in wedding photography. The weather may have been wet, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of anyone involved. Instead, it highlighted the love and commitment between Sophie and Will, making their wedding day unforgettable.

Despite the relentless rain outside, the York Pavilion offered us a sanctuary with stunning indoor settings perfect for capturing the essence of Sophie and Will’s love. Among these, the staircase and its beautiful function rooms stood out as ideal backdrops for intimate portraits of the couple.

With its elegant curves and warm, inviting light, the staircase provided a dramatic setting for some of the day’s most memorable shots. As Sophie and Will ascended the stairs together, it symbolised their journey ahead, each step a testament to their commitment and love for each other. These photographs captured the beauty of their love and the architectural elegance of the Pavilion itself.

Furthermore, the Pavilion’s function rooms, each adorned with unique charm and character, offered a variety of picturesque settings for our portraits. With their sophisticated décor and ambient lighting, these rooms allowed us to create a series of portraits that felt both timeless and intimate. The intricate details of the rooms, from the classic furnishings to the artful arrangements of flowers, added layers of depth and interest to each photograph.

In one particular function room, the soft, diffused light complemented the couple’s tender moments, encapsulating their warmth and closeness. The spaces within the York Pavilion allowed us to explore different moods and themes, from joyous and lighthearted to serene and contemplative. These indoor portraits contrasted beautifully with outdoor shots in the rain. They ensured that the weather did not hinder our ability to capture the full spectrum of emotions and moments on this special day.

Utilising the inside of the Pavilion for some of the wedding couple’s portraits was a testament to the versatility and beauty that indoor photography can offer, especially in the face of challenging weather. It was a reminder that love and beauty can be found and celebrated in any condition and that sometimes, the most unexpected settings can lead to the most stunning photographs. Sophie and Will’s willingness to embrace every moment, rain or shine, made their wedding day not just an event to remember but a beautiful story to be told through every image captured.

To Sophie and Will, may your life be filled with love, laughter, and happiness that shines through even the rainiest days. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful celebration.

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