Award winning macro photograph of a long horn beetle.

A Chance Encounter

This photograph was taken a few years ago while I was at a local nature reserve. I had just finished a family photo shoot and I was packing all of my kit back into the car when this mini-beast took me by surprise and flew past my head, and yes I let out a little squeal. I saw him land on the car and he spent some time crawling around the wing mirror, at one point I could swear he was checking out his reflection.

I quickly attached the macro lens and crept as close as I could, dialled in some settings and aimed the camera. At this point he had his back to me so I fired a test shot to check the settings. But before I could check he scuttled around, looked right at the camera and then flew off! Luckily I had managed to grab a picture before he made his escape.

Not a lot of editing required, just a slight crop and removed some marks from the car (yes it needs a clean) and there we have it, a nicely posed Longhorn Beetle.

I entered the image into the Guild of Photographers monthly competition back in 2017 where it won a Silver award, I’m happy with that to say it was a total chance encounter.


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