Couple embracing on lakeside dock, at Waterton Park Hotel wedding venue.

A View from the Lake: Liz and Martin’s Unique Moment at Waterton Park Hotel

Hey everyone!

Guess what? It’s been another fantastic month for me, and I’m here to spill the beans on the latest bit of excitement: snagging an award for a truly unique photograph of Liz and Martin at the picturesque Waterton Park Hotel. This wasn’t just a standard photo; it was captured with my trusty drone hovering over the lake!

The shot came about as I explored ways to add a unique twist to Liz and Martin’s wedding album. Waterton Park Hotel, with its stunning surroundings and the beautiful lake, provided the perfect canvas. Then, it hit me: why not take advantage of the drone technology to capture an otherwise impossible view?

So, there I was with Liz and Martin standing by the lake. Martin, in his impressive military uniform, and Liz, looking absolutely radiant, shared an embrace and gazed into each other’s eyes. It was a moment of pure connection and love, beautifully isolated in the vastness of nature. The drone hovered silently from above the lake, capturing this intimate scene with the lake’s tranquil waters and the lush greenery framing them perfectly.

The result? A lake-view photograph that brings a whole new dimension to wedding photography. The contrast of Martin’s crisp uniform against the natural backdrop and the tender exchange between the couple created a visually striking image that stood out to the award judges.

I’m thrilled that this photo received recognition, and I’m so grateful to Liz and Martin for being game for this slightly unconventional photo op. Their adventurous spirit and trust in my vision made this award-winning shot possible.

This experience has been a fantastic reminder of the endless possibilities in photography, especially when you blend technology with creativity. It’s about seeing the world from new angles and capturing moments in ways that surprise and delight.

Thank you to Liz and Martin for their part in this exciting venture. Here’s to more innovation, unique perspectives, and, of course, unforgettable memories captured.

Until the next adventure, keep searching and embracing those extraordinary viewpoints!


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