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The 10 things no one ever tells you, but you really need to know

Congratulations on your engagement! Planning a wedding can be a beautiful and exciting journey, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful. To help you navigate this process, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 things no one tells you but you really need to know when planning your perfect wedding day.

1. Set a Budget and Stick to it

When planning your wedding, it is essential to set a budget and stick to it. Creating a budget helps you identify your priorities and allocate your funds accordingly. It also prevents overspending and starting your marriage in debt. Make sure to factor in all the necessary expenses, including the venue, catering, photography, and attire. Sticking to your budget may require making tough choices. Still, it will help you avoid financial stress and enjoy your special day.

Bride and groom being covered in confetti outside of the Roman Catholic Chapel of St Leonard at Hazlewood Castle.

2. Choose a Wedding Venue that fits your Vision and Budget

Choosing a venue that matches your vision and budget is crucial to creating the perfect day. It’s essential to consider the style of wedding you want and find a venue that complements it. Remember to factor in the capacity, amenities, and location when deciding. Make sure to visit the venue in person and ask questions to ensure it meets all your needs. With the right venue, you can set the tone for your wedding day and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Bride and groom leaning back with a cathedral length veil sweeping behind them, in the gardens of Carlton Towers.

3. Book Vendors Early

Book your wedding vendors early to ensure you get the ones you want for your special day. Popular vendors tend to book up quickly, so it’s vital to research, read reviews, and compare prices before making any final decisions. Some vendors, like photographers and florists, often book a year or more in advance, so plan accordingly. Early booking also gives you more time to communicate with your vendors and finalise details, ensuring everything runs smoothly on your wedding day. With the right vendors, you can bring your wedding vision to life and create a day that reflects your love story.

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4. Wedding Insurance

It’s a good idea to have wedding insurance to protect against any unexpected circumstances, such as venue closures, vendor no-shows, or extreme events that may require you to reschedule or cancel your wedding. Wedding insurance can also cover loss or damage to your wedding attire, rings, and gifts. Research different insurance options and read the fine print to ensure you have the necessary coverage. With wedding insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are protected from unforeseen circumstances that may impact your special day.

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5. Communicate with your Vendors

Communication is vital when working with your wedding vendors. It’s essential to clearly communicate your vision, expectations, and any special requests you have. This helps your vendors understand your needs and ensure they can deliver the services you want. Feel free to ask questions, provide feedback, or express any concerns. Good communication can also help prevent any misunderstandings or miscommunications that may occur. With open and transparent communication, you can build a strong working relationship with your vendors and ensure your wedding day runs smoothly.

Bride and groom holding hands and smiling in the grounds of Wortley Hall, Barnsley.

6. Remember the Details

While planning your wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in the big picture and forget the details. However, the small pieces can often significantly impact your special day. Pay attention to the little things like table settings, favours, and signage. These details can tie together the overall theme of your wedding and create a memorable experience for you and your guests. Remember to stay organised and prioritise the elements that are most important to you. Focusing on the details can make your wedding day truly unique and personalised.

7. Consider your Guests’ Comfort

Your wedding day is a celebration for you and your guests. Therefore, it’s important to consider their comfort when planning your event. Provide ample seating, shade, and refreshments for outdoor weddings, and make sure your venue is accessible to all guests. Consider their needs, such as dietary restrictions, and ensure everyone has plenty of options. Additionally, provide clear directions and instructions to ensure your guests feel comfortable and at ease throughout the day. Considering your guests’ comfort, you can create a welcoming and enjoyable experience.

Bride and groom holding hands and looking at each other, outside the main entrance of Carlton Towers.

8. Take time for Yourself

Your wedding day can be a whirlwind of activity, and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and festivities. However, it’s essential to relax and enjoy the moment. Consider taking a few moments to reflect on your special day and the love you share with your partner. Remember, your wedding day is a celebration of your love, so take the time to savour the memories and enjoy the experience. You can create a more meaningful and memorable day by taking time for yourself.

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9. Be Flexible

While you may have a clear vision for your wedding day, it’s important to be flexible and adaptable. Unexpected things can happen, and it’s important to approach them with a positive and relaxed mindset. Consider alternative options and solutions, and be open to adjusting your plans if necessary. Remember, the most important thing is to celebrate your love and commitment to each other, so try not to get too caught up in the details. By being flexible and adaptable, you can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest and make lasting memories.

Bride and groom resting their heads against each other in the grounds of The Lazaat Hotel.

10. Remember the Real Reason for the Day

Amidst all the planning and excitement, it’s easy to lose sight of the real reason for your wedding day – celebrating your love and commitment to each other. Take time to reflect on the journey that led you to this special day, and appreciate the love and support of your family and friends. Remember that your wedding is just the beginning of your life together, so focus on the joy and excitement of your future together. Remember, the little things that may go wrong on your wedding day won’t matter in the long run, but the memories of your love and commitment will last forever. Keep your focus on the day’s true meaning, and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

People Also Ask

What are the 5 most important things for a wedding?

Typically, the 5 most important things to consider are the venue, photographer, wedding dress, flowers and decor.

What is your No 1 wedding planning tip for couples?

Effective communication can also help prevent misunderstandings or conflicts, leading to a smoother and more enjoyable wedding planning experience.

What will make my wedding stand out?

Consider incorporating personalised details that reflect your personality and style to make your wedding stand out. This can include a unique wedding venue, non-traditional wedding themes, a customised menu, one-of-a-kind wedding favours, interactive elements, and creating an overall experience that reflects your love story.

What are the 3 things a bride needs for her wedding?

The 3 essential things a bride needs are a wedding dress, shoes, and jewellery. There are additional items a bride may consider, such as a veil, bouquet and hair and makeup services.

What does a bride do the night before?

The night before the wedding, a bride may choose to spend time with her closest friends and family, have a relaxing bath, and get a good night’s sleep. Some brides may also have a rehearsal dinner with their wedding party and family to review the wedding day schedule and details. The bride must take time for self-care and relaxation to prepare for the big day ahead.

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