Joyful bride and groom embracing in garden.

A Picture-Perfect Moment: Image of the Day at The Parsonage

I’m pleased to share that one of my images from Emma and Andrew’s wedding at The Parsonage has been selected as The Image of the Day by The Guild of Photographers. This is the seventh time one of my photographs has received this recognition, and it’s always a nice nod to have my work acknowledged in this way.

For those who haven’t yet had the chance, I encourage you to read the full blog post about Emma and Andrew’s wedding. The Parsonage offered a beautiful backdrop for their special day, and I was fortunate to capture so many memorable moments.

The selected image features Emma and Andrew in the grounds of The Parsonage. What makes this photo stand out is Emma’s veil, which flows elegantly towards the camera, adding a sense of depth and grace to the scene. The combination of their joyful expressions and the dynamic movement of the veil created a timeless and striking image.

In addition to being chosen as The Image of the Day, this photograph also won an award last month, further highlighting its appeal. You can read more about this accolade in my previous blog post. This recognition is always gratifying and encourages me to continue capturing the beauty and emotion of weddings.

I’m deeply grateful to The Guild of Photographers for the recognition and to Emma and Andrew for allowing me to be a part of their special day. And to all of you, my dear readers and potential clients, your support and interest in my work mean the world to me. Thank you.

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