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My Favourite Productivity Apps

For over 13 years I've been running a busy photography business and this can take up an incredible amount of time. Now that I'm married with a young family, my time has become the most important resource I have. I really wish that I'd discovered these amazing applications in the early days of being self employed.

I have listed below some of my favourite productivity apps that I use every day and they have saved me a ton of time, now it's time to share the love. Feel free to use the clickable links, some of which will give you free trials or credits towards subscriptions if you decide to sign up.

Full disclosure - by clicking on the links on this page, if you choose to sign up with any of the applications I may receive a referral gift such as a discount off my own subscription.

The Guild of Photographers

The place for any professional, amateur or hobbyist photographer to get the most out of their camera.

I have been a member of the Guild for many years, the resources they offer to improve every photographers ability is incredible. I particularly enjoy entering the monthly competitions.

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The Guild of Photographers logo

Some of the benefits of being a Guild member include:

  • Mentoring
  • Monthly competitions
  • Qualifications
  • Discounts
  • Networking
  • Feedback
  • Courses
  • Training
  • Webinars
  • 'Cameracraft' magazine (posted to you free of charge)

Setapp - A Huge Collection of Applications

An amazing collection of over 200 Mac & iOS apps, all in one place

I have been using this collection of software for years and it has become indispensable to my business.

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Setapp logo

To buy all of the applications I regularly use in Setapp's selection would cost me a fortune. I have also discovered some amazing software that I would never have found without Setapp.

Some of my favourite apps in the Setapp collection include:

  • Clean My Mac
  • Bartender
  • Ulysses
  • iStat Menus
  • Busy Cal
  • AdGuard

Currently, there are over 200 apps available with more being added all the time.

Light Blue - Powerful Business Management Software


Indispensable business management software for photographers

I first started using Light Blue in 2013 and it soon became just as fundamental to my photography business as my cameras!

Click here for more details and a 30 day free trial

Light Blue software logo

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I love this software, it's no exaggeration to say that I couldn't run my business without it.

Some of the great features Light Blue offers:

  • Automated emails and text messages
  • Online contact forms that feed information directly into Light Blue
  • Online contracts
  • Online invoicing
  • All of your client and shoot data at your finger tips
  • Powerful reporting that gives you access to all of your data
  • Not cloud based - standalone desktop app so you have access to your data even without an internet connection
  • Available on macOS, iOS and Windows

Backblaze - Effortless Online Backup

The easiest way to keep your files backed up and safe

I have been using Backblaze to backup my entire system for over 5 years and it offers great peace of mind.

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Backblaze logo

I currently have over 5Tb (that's 5000 Gigabytes!) backed up in the cloud with BackBlaze. Their automated system means that it's always running in the background keeping my system backed up in real time so I never have to worry about losing any files or photographs. This kind of piece of mind is priceless.

Sanebox - Amazing Email Management

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Stop drowning in email and take back control of your inbox

I have been using SaneBox for just over a year and it saves me hours every week!

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SaneBox logo

A friend of mine recently subscribed to SaneBox, she had over 8000 unread emails in her inbox. After running Sanebox it got rid of all the spam, newsletters and non important clutter and reduced the number to 11 (eleven!). Safe to say she was thrilled to have regained control of her inbox. Now, she only gets the important stuff she needs to deal with and the rest is put to one side to sort later when she has more time.

Dale Turner Photography is in no way affiliated or associated with any of the applications or companies listed on this page, it is simply a list of apps I find extremely useful and I cannot accept any liability resulting from any negative experiences you may have by using them yourself.

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