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Newborn Baby Photography Tips

Newborn baby sleeping with hands under face.

Preparing for your babies first photo shoot

Having a baby is rewarding, fulfilling and amazing - but also life changing and scary at the same time. With all of these emotions to overcome it can feel as though you're not sure what to do next with this new little life in your arms.

Just relax, even though babies don't come with a user manual nature has given you all you need to be an excellent parent. Feed them, keep them warm and supply plenty of cuddles and they'll be perfectly fine. Oh, and wet wipes. Loads and loads of wet wipes...

With all this in mind, a newborn baby photo shoot with Dale Turner Photography needn't be an added stress. Once the booking is made you can relax and wait for the day to come, safe in the knowledge that you are about to receive some of the most precious photographs ever.

Newborn baby asleep wrapped in a pink muslin cloth

I have listed a few things which will help the photo shoot run smoothly:

  1. Most newborn photo shoots will have your baby wearing very little, or nothing at all. Most babies aren't used to this as they will be in a baby grow or wrapped in a blanket most of the time. When it comes time for the photography session they may not be used to spending any time without clothes so I would recommend between now and the session to let them have a little time each day just in their nappy. This will get them used to it and help them sleep better during the session.
  2. As most of the images will have your baby wrapped in nothing more than a muslin cloth, it's important to keep the room really warm so baby doesn't feel a chill. After all, it was only a few days ago they were toasty warm inside the womb. So crank up the heating (even in the summer months) so baby is nice and snug, this way they will sleep deeper and longer and allow those super-cute poses.
  3. Please don't feel the need to feed your baby just before the photo shoot. Your baby will let you know when they're hungry and trying to feed them may unsettle them when all they want to do right now is sleep. We're on babies time, so if we need to pause the photography for a feed or nappy change then that's fine.
  4. Have a packet of wet-wipes handy at all times. Things can sometimes get a little messy with newborn babies at the best of times, so having wipes readily available can help contain things.
  5. Babies will be used to background noise, it's amazing how much they can hear while still in the womb. If you normally have the TV or radio on during the day then keep it on for the photo shoot, this will help them sleep if it's what they're used to. You will probably find your baby will sleep soundly even when the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer is on, sometimes it can be too quiet for babies to sleep.
  6. Please keep pets in another room while the photo shoot is in progress. I love animals but they can get in the way and it's just one less distraction if they are out of the room.
  7. Newborn photo shoots can take a while to complete, so make sure you have no guests or health visitors due. We can always re-arrange the session to fit around visits.
  8. If you have older children it may be worth arranging a play date for them at a friend or family members home during the photography session. Many babies have been woken up by their big brother or sister playing near by.
  9. Most importantly just relax and enjoy the session. You will be near your baby at all times to sooth and hold them if necessary, they will know you're close by and this will help them settle into a deep sleep ready for the photography to begin. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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