A Last Minute Booking...

I only met Jenny and Kit for the first time less than 2 weeks ago, their original photographer had cancelled and left them in the lurch so they had to make new plans pronto! We met at the Nice to See You cafe in York for the wedding consultation where Jenny told me all about the amazing plans she had for the big day which was to be held at Aldwark Manor. Everything was in place, all except the photographer...

Usually my couples book me about 2 years before their wedding day, not 2 weeks! Never the less, I was happy to help as they were a lovely couple and I love a Christmas theme to a wedding. By the time we left the cafe, all the details and plans were sorted and they had the final part of the jigsaw in place, we were just waiting for the special day to arrive.

I began early on the wedding day, starting as usual with the bridal preparation pictures. There is always lots of activity in the morning of a wedding and this provides great photo opportunities, from hair and makeup artists doing the rounds to bridesmaids pouring (and often spilling) the bubbly.

From there it was a short walk to St. Stephens Church for the ceremony, where all the guests were ready and seated in good time. The perfect backdrop for some pictures of the groom and the boys before Jenny arrived.

As the day progressed into the afternoon we had a stunning sunset which was the perfect opportunity for a silhouette of the bride and groom. Then a little later we headed back outside for some of my award winning twilight photography. With Aldwark Manor as the backdrop and the water fountain lit up, it makes for a superb night time wedding picture.

St. Stephens Church in Aldwark
Bride and groom holding hands with door between them
Bride and groom in St. Stevens church in Aldwark
Bride and groom with St. Stephens Church in Aldwark with dramatic sky
Bride and groom silhouette with sunset
Man and wife hugging with dramatic sky
Man and wife at twilight outside Aldwark Manor